Learn the sword play arts “Kenbu” Technique.

Master,Hyouka Konno he is a Japanese Sword play “剣舞=Kenbu” Artist.
You could learn his Original style Sword techniques that’s very sharp and beautiul.

・Learn the Basic body operation for Kenbu sword play arts.
・Basic “How to grip, swing a Japanese Katana Sword”.
・Based on basics, learn a combination of “Kenbu” technic.
・Hyouka sensei teaches to match the level of the participants.

★lesson time and Price
Private lesson = 50min, 10,000 JPY (Payment fee is not included)

About Payment :
Only credit card payment is acceptable.
(VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover)

★About “Video chatting application”:
Lesson is held using by Video chatting application “zoom“,
or If you have a Facebook account,
Ofcourse We can do a lesson using by “Facebook Messenger Video chatting“。

How to start a Lesson

①After booking by E-mail, We will send you a lesson schedule.
Then you can choose the lesson date and time from the schedule that we send.
If you have a request about the lesson schedule,
Do not hesitate to ask me please.

②After decided the lesson date and time,
We will send you a payment invoice.
Please pay the lesson fee within 3 days after sending the invoice.

③Confirming the payment,
Inform you that the payment has been confirmed
and the lesson date and time again.

④The day before the lesson, We will send you a reminder message.

What is “Kenbu” ?

Kenbu is performing art established by Samurai.

Kenbu also known as “Ginkenshibu” is Japanese classical performing art using Japanese sword and holding fan.

Ken(=剣) bu(=舞) means “sword dance” in the literally meaning.
However, It is hard to regard those words as the same.

That’s a performing art based on the pursuit of beautiful expression.

To prepare for a lesson

・Japanese Tabi socks, or socks.

・Imitation sword, or Something like a stick that’s instead of sword.

・Please take a lesson on the flooring. Because Kenbu often use Spin motion.

Kenbu Sword Play Artist: 今野 氷華-Hyouka Konno-

Hyouka Konno is a Kenbu artsit and a teacher of Seiga-Kenbu school that has a history.

He was a former staff of the “Samurai Kenbu Theater in Kyoto”.
That theater won the 5th place in 2016, in the “Trip Advisor” Touristic attractions in Japan”

At the theater, He was in charge of the Kenbu-performance show and Lesson instructions for the visitors from overseas.
More than 4,000 visitors come to that theater in a year.

Hyouka Konno actives as Kenbu artist in Japan.
Performed at famous Shrine and Castle in Kyoto (“Kamigamo Shrine” “Nijo Castle” these are the world heritage,
and “Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine that’s the 1st place every year in the “Trip Advisor” Touristic attractions in Japan”)

And his activities reach a global scale

Performance on Lefkada Island, in Greece 2019,
Thailand in Japan Expo and so on…